A facial promotes a clear and well-hydrated complexion and helps skin look younger by cleaning, exfoliating and nourishing the skin. We offer many options for this excellent version of taking care of your skin, including:

  • Yon-Ka is truly an experience for the senses, with a delicate mix of herbs and aromatics. This fine blend leaves your skin feeling and looking clean and refreshed.
  • Fire and Ice combines pumpkin extracts with a cooling mask to awaken the skin and helps clear breakouts while moisturizing the skin and leaving behind an unbelievable, dewy glow. This treatment is also known as the Red Carpet Facial due to its popularity with celebrities before big events.

All clients leave our facility with recommendations for home skin care, as a facial is most effective when it is part of an on-going home skin care program.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are a step up to the next level. Appropriate candidates are determined after a detailed skin type consultation with our medical aesthetician.

This incredibly gentle but effective treatment is an accelerated form of exfoliation which is useful in improving the general appearance of the skin and reversing sun damage, fine lines, pigmentation variations, mild acne and other issues. Peels can be done not only to treat the face but also the chest, back and hands.

AlumierMD Facials and Peels

These peels are very helpful in targeting the negative effects of photodamage such as pigmentation and sallowness of the skin. Like chemical peels, they are also suitable for the face, chest and back. This two-step process is accompanied with the usual relaxing facial experience.

Customized Facial 60 min $85+
Vivierskin Anti-Aging Facial 60 min $90
Yonka Signature Facial 60 min $75
Red Carpet Facial (Fire & Ice) 60 min $100
Customized Chemical Peel 40 - 60 min $100+
Prescription skin care and sun protection available in-house

Refresh. Revitalize. Rejuvenate.